Thursday, August 7, 2014

Review: Keeper of the Lost Cities by Shannon Messenger

I have read Keeper of the Lost Cities many times, and let me just say YOU HAVE TO READ THIS BOOK!  *Puts on serious face* Okay here we go.  


Plot summary:

Sophie Foster has a secret- she can read minds. She has had this secret for years, and no one knows about it- or so she thinks. One day she meets Fitz, a mysterious boy, who she discovers can also read minds. Fitz tells her she does not belong with her family, and she must pack up and leave... permanently. But in her new life she discovers that there are people out there who want her- and her secrets.


What is there to say about such an amazing book? The plot is amazing. The writing is amazing. Everything is too good for words! I connected with the characters, I felt the story. I felt it. I felt Sophie's emotions, when she cried, I cried, when she was happy I was happy. When she was angry, I was angry. The book was not too fast, not too slow, and I did not get confused at all. Keeper of the Lost Cities pulled me in and never let go. It will never ever let go. So in other words, read this book or you will regret it all your life.

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